Sunday, February 20, 2011


I need help.

Or I guess more specifically, my living room needs help. I have a perfectly nice living room. Sure, the paint is a little dark. But the furniture is all pretty nice (even if I didn't pick most of it). It's just...kind of boring. And it feels like grandpa's study.
(Ironic, as my grandpa's study is actually filled with light colored furniture. But you know what I mean.)

It's a lovely rug, and my grandma gave it to me. The couch I don't love, but it's a nice couch, in good condition and I already have it. It seems silly to replace things I already have. I want to buy a leather chair eventually, but this room will still look...stuffy.

But a couple of weeks ago N came over for dinner and girl time. I was saying I really wished my place looked a little more...updated, but didn't want to get rid of the rug or replace the couch. And she (brilliantly) suggested two fixes:
  • new coffee table 
  • new table lamp
Genius. Yeah, the couch will still be plaidy. But hopefully with the walls painted a lighter gray, and a new table and lamp, the room will look lighter and a little more modern.

So this afternoon, I set out hunting. And I found one I like.
Pier 1
The shade is fine, if maybe a bit more blingy than I'd like. But I really like the base. It isn't gold or silver, its kind of champagne. And the finish and shape I think make it traditional enough to fit in with the rest of my stuff. Its an inch or two taller than the one I currently have and I think would be enough of a presence on the big table.
The big table on the left. With the lamp my dad handed down on it.
And the coffee table. I can't believe I never thought of that--N is totally right. It's a really traditional shape, as you can see in the first picture. I also think less wood would help. I'd love to get a glass and metal coffee table, but I'm worried it wouldn't quite "go" with the rest of my stuff.

I do like my current oval though, so in my head I will get an oval table in glass and metal. Except I can't find one. I like this one:

Pottery Barn
But its a) not oval and b) maybe too...rustic to go with everything else.

The best oval bet I could find is this one:

Amazon--but I found it other places for cheaper
I think I like it, although I did like the idea of metal. I want something simple and NOT-curvy though, and instead a lot of the stuff I'm finding has curlicues and swirls and such. Exactly what I'm trying to avoid. They're both the same price (for me) so that doesn't help.

What do you of them? Either? Neither? What about that lamp? I have really bad taste--please help!

(Oh, and what about these pillows for the couch? They're also a champagne color.)

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  1. I really like the bottom table--the oval with the glass. Contemporary look, but would go with your traditional furniture and rug.
    Have you considered a slipcover for the couch? Your couch is pretty structured, so you might be able to find one that's tailored for a nice fit (instead of looking like a sheet thrown over the couch).