Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentines Day!

I'm babysitting a frog right now. It's all good though. He's just sitting in his seat (he did fail a test last period though).

Not this actual frog. Bigger.
 Anyhow, the kids have gone all out for Valentines Day. I heard on the radio that no one gets more valentines than teachers, but I'm sure that refers to elementary teachers, since I've only gotten one thing. However. The boy who got the frog above got his girlfriend a white teddy bear. It's almost as big as she is (she's tiny, but still). Tons of kids have bouquets etc. And I passed no less than seven people selling Valentines stuff once I got off the highway. On 51st, there are at least 3 pretty major set-ups by the K-Mart, with people setting up 2-5 folding tables with all kinds of different stuff.

I was marvelling at all the Stuff with another teacher, and we wondered what they do with it all. I got a super big teddy bear once, and it was really tough to figure out where the heck to put it. Not to mention the amount of money they must have spent on all that stuff.

I know that probably makes me kind of...Grinchy (?...not cupid-y? something) but I don't see the point. I had brunch with the girls yesterday, who asked me what I was getting Mark.

[Surprise. Raised eyebrows.] "...oh. What is he getting you?"
"Nothing. I assume at least."

These girlfriends are both single, so I'm sure they find it really disappointing, but I have someone who COULD give me stuff on Valentines day...which doesn't mean he actually NEEDS to. Especially if he's getting me something just for the sake of getting it for me. Silliness.

What's your take on Valentines gifts?

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