Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I like the gray one!

(This post is by Mark)
We're trying to pick a new paint color for the living room. We've gotten lots of compliments on the handsome gray we have there now, but the color simply sucks any light out of the room, especially at night. So, time for a new paint job!

We'd both like a gray paint, and we agree it should be much lighter. So, during this morning's expedition to Home Depot, we looked at some paint samples.

Somehow, being at Home Depot with hundreds of colors, fluorescent light, and little brochures with rooms that look way more fabulous than what we've got now make the process feel overwhelming. So, we snagged a bunch and brought them all home.

Personally, I like the gray one.

So does Mary.

(Note: the photos make the colors much more intense than the actually are--they really did all look gray at Home Depot...)

Fortunately, it was pretty easy to whittle the choices down to four for the gray (and the green for the bathroom). Actually, it was phenomenally easy. Being in the space and seeing the colors in natural light made it obvious which ones were too yellow or too blue or too whatever.

We've got the samples on the wall and after another brief talk this evening, I think we should just throw caution to the winds and let 'er rip!

Time for samples on the wall!

Mary now:
I worry about the contrast of the grays, especially in natural light. I don't want the walls to look dirty but I also don't want them to be too dark. The answer is probably going to be picking up some samples to paint squares, but I don't want to rush into that either.

On the one hand, its better to buy the samples and get the colors right, but the samples cost money too. If we consider our swatches in enough light, different locations etc (which we've been doing), we won't waste money on samples we should have known were wrong. I'm just not sure where the line four samples overkill? Can we narrow it down more? Or will we eliminate the one thats best because we cut too early? Decisions, decisions.

How do you pick out paint colors? Do you think its impossible too?

Stay tuned for the conclusion of this riveting miniseries.

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