Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Days!

Yesterday and today were my second and third snow days EVER (I've lived in Chicago my whole life...pretty sure I got gypped). It's pretty awesome, really. [Which explains why I wrote a post and then scheduled it for five minutes after the last one. Not working makes me forget the date. Ooops.]

When we woke up, the dining room windows were frosty.
And the street was covered in snow.
It started up snowing again for a few hours in the morning. I had some crazy views from my window--it was so quiet, anything I heard anything, I jumped up. And for good reason. Once it was a snowmobiler headed down the middle of the street. And then...I heard a loud noise. Plows? Digging us out?

Kinda. They cleared my street with a FRONT LOADER. It was pretty awesome. HE was pretty awesome. We headed outside after he had passed to check out my car. I was lucky enough to get an end spot (they're way easier to get out of; you don't have to worry about hitting anyone when you gun it to peel out of your spot). But that only does so much against that much snow. I forgot to get a picture before we started, but you can get the idea with the pictures above, and this one, showing my street after it Plowed? Better-ish?

My car is behind us, but its all the same. I was on the left side of the street on the next block. We grabbed a shovel and got to it. I actually was picking up large snow-boulders and putting them off to the side (Side note: I HATE it when people push the snow into the street--we all need to drive there! Stop being lazy and move it to the edge!) And then. Then! Guess who came back?! The best construction operator ever! He front loaded all my snow away! See!

Mark's pretending he moved alllll that snow by himself.
All that behind Mark. He just scooped it up and shoved it out of the way. So I can totally get my car out now, which is great. I'm still scared to do it though...I'm worried about where to park it when I get home. I'm getting a ride with a co-worker (who has a garage) tomorrow. I'm planning on taking the bus down to her place, a mile away. She keeps texting to tell me to just drive (rather have Mark drive) and my spot won't be gone that early. Still makes me nervous though. And snow and parallel parking are both things Mark is unfamiliar with. Making him mix the two at 6:30am seems a little unfair. We'll see what the buses look like.

After we wrapped up Mission: Car Liberation, we headed out for a walk. We marveled at the huge mountains of snow that was getting piled up on every corner.
Notice the stop sign. That's A LOT of snow.
 The front loader hadn't gotten to the next block over yet.
The snow was so crazy deep. It amazes me. I made Mark take pictures of me waist deep in snow, but I won't bore you with those. But! I did take the opportunity to make a snow angel. In the middle of the street. Fun!
I've got on boots, snowpants, hats, the whole 9 yards. It's like I'm 12.

And then we went back inside. I was actually quite productive. I took down the old Spacemaker cd/radio in my kitchen, went through and reorganized all my files and got some nice leisure reading in. Today we made bread, and I cleaned out the front hall closet and some other random places. I feel so productive! Its like I got a bonus weekend in the middle of the week. Now I go back to work for one more day, and then there's ANOTHER weekend. Magical!

Did you get a snow day?

Oh, and all these pictures are by Mark. All the pictures are always by Mark. I don't have a camera and I'd be really bad at using it if I did. He's going to make me take some of my own one of these days, but it won't be pretty.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the fun photos and comments with us! It looks like you and Mark had a great time on your unexpected day off work. Sounds like you made lemonade out of lemons! We didn't get snow here in Houston, but it was chilly. Dave and I made chicken soup and had a fire in the fireplace.