Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day!

Looks like six more weeks of winter, huh? I bet the groundhog can't even get out from underground, much less find his shadow in all this blinding white.

Yesterday it took me over two hours to get home from work. I usually take Lake Shore Drive, since traffic isn't as bad as on the Kennedy, but yesterday I decided that it said both were terrible and the Kennedy sounded safer (no lake front winds). Turns out I'm smart. People were stranded on the drive (including people who got on right around when I got home, near that exit), for over nine hours. Cars, buses full of people, everything. Crazy. The Chicago Tribune says some people abandoned their cars.

The snow on the cars is really light because it all blew off in the high winds, but the drifts around them are crazy. I have a co-worker a mile away (with a garage) and I think it'll be easier to get to her place than try to set my car free.

The district took forever to decide to call a snow day for today, but at 3:30 yesterday they finally did. Hooray! This is my second snow day in my life (the first was actually a "dangerous cold" day, but whatever). The high school I attended has cancelled classes only five times (the fifth is today!) in over 140 years.

Five minutes ago, I heard a noise outside. Thinking it might be a plow, I ran over to the window. Instead, a SNOWMOBILE came down my city street. That's how you know things are crazy!

I'm taking my free day to clean up my filing system, take out the spacemaker radio in the kitchen (too much space) and do nothing. Hooray! Happy snow day!

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