Thursday, April 28, 2011

Excuse you, Google Maps

I sometimes ride my bike to work, on a route that I got mostly from Google maps bicycle directions back in September.

I might head out to visit my mom after school tomorrow, and I'm planning on biking to work, so it would make the most sense to bike out there as well. It's pretty far, but actually shorter than my commute (thats sad). Anyhow, I looked up the route, and it gave me three routes.

And then it said, "Or take public transit (1 transfer)".

....what exactly are you trying to say Google maps? Is it too far for me? Can I not handle it? What gives?

I looked up my regular routes and I guess the beta version has made a lot of changes. The route it says to take now is different, and I might try parts of it out tomorrow (more angle streets, which are a timesaver). But I still can't get over the part where it keeps telling me to take public transit.

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