Tuesday, December 7, 2010


My mom just sent me a quick email about this weekend--there's a festival in Oak Park and she thought we might like to come. She also told me she went to the Economy Shop (a local resale shop thats open a few times a month) and got a nice wood tv table.

Sweet! This is one of my Christmas presents! I gave my mom a list over Thanksgiving (my family is all about lists) and I wanted a tv table. It will be great for:
a) putting between the two chairs on the porch, and even eating a small meal out there
b) using with the armchair for the tv-puter. I have a 20" tv installed in my living room bookshelves, and then a mac mini and a wireless keyboard. So its a tv, but also a computer. Its great, but you can only have one thing on your lap at a time--either the mouse or the keyboard. So it isn't as versatile as it could be. With a table, we should be able to use it as a computer. Thats helpful, since my ghetto-fabulous iBook doesn't have much longer in it...

Plus its very green. I don't need a new one made, and it doesn't need to look some specific way--I just need a place to put my stuff sometimes.

So, yay for Christmas presents. And while we're on the topic, my mom called a few days after Thanksgiving so I could remind her what I wanted for Christmas.
Me: The tray table, a new heater, maybe a bathrobe, a timer
Mom: Oh, I got that already!
Me: ....

The funny/sad part is, its a good thing she told me. I probably won't actually get the timer (Christmas is too far away, and she'll hide it somewhere even she can't remember). This way I know to ask for it. And none too soon. My old one has gone haywire and instead of beeping switches to clock mode when times up. Odd.

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  1. This is your mother. I know EXACTLY where that timer is.
    I should probably give it to you before I forget, huh?